Alex Edwards

Alex Edwards -

Professional Summary

Dedicated senior software engineer with a passion for technical problems, developer experience, and collaboration. Efficiently turns ideation into polished services and experiences to be proud of. Committed to continuous improvement and feeding back in to drive team success.

Areas of Expertise

  • UX Engineering
  • Developer Experience
  • Cloud Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Project Leadership
  • Severless
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Distributed Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Mentoring

Career Highlights

Increased engineering efficiency and ability to ship faster: Created a realistic and accurate representation of our production environment with a simple developer experience to be utilised during integration testing, leading to simpler and clearer test cases.

Reducing regular costs by 20% while increasing resiliency: Hypothesised, road-mapped, and leading a project to re-evaluate core infrastructure and improvement gains through data-driven analysis.

Removing knowledge silos with team training and workshops: Led multiple teams through training sessions on new practices, methods, and tools to alleviate technical debt and improve upon team practices.

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer


2023 - Present

  • Introduced new architecture and infrastructure via Architecture Decision Records, implementing and delivering successfully to millions of users.
  • Successfully led multiple workshops centred around up-skilling multiple teams on security modelling and mitigations, as well as developer tools in testing assertions, ensuring upkeep of best practices and technical debt.
  • Led ideation and created the methodology on how to find domain-specific optimisations within infrastructure, presenting well-rounded arguments and data-driven evidence for success.
  • A consistent co-ordination and problem solver in multiple disciplines for teams' initiative across the organisation while maintaining core responsibilities.

Software Engineer


2022 - 2023

  • Maintained and improved core infrastructure, CI/CD Pipelines, and vulnerabilities, resulting in higher overall viability, less technical debt, and overall cost.
  • Subject matter and domain expert for a bespoke testing framework across multiple teams and micro-frontends. Owned the complexity within, to better technical debt and an engineer's experience.
  • Participation in multiple cross-team initiatives in design ideation, presentations, security, and dev ops.

Software Engineer

Imaginative Software Ltd, UK

2020 - 2022

  • Agile development with an international client on an Education-based technology solution.
  • Delivering secure API-based workflows for licensing and distributing music.
  • On-site support to critical logistics and client demonstrations.

Web Developer

Ecolodge, Vietnam


  • Led on the development of a website for a local company to create an engaging presence in the market.
  • Coordinated the project plan and scope to meet agreed milestones and targets within time and budgetary constraints.

Lead Developer

Coventry University, UK


  • Created and maintained a database-driven website based for a Media Exhibition using PHP and MySQL.


BA (Hons.) Photography Coventry University, UK


  • Typescript
  • Node.js
  • React / Next.js
  • AWS
  • Containerisation
  • DevOps
  • CI/CD
  • Go-lang
  • Rust


Innovating with new languages (currently Go and Rust) and methods, breaking personal assumptions, and gaining greater perspective and empathy.

Continuous improvement through training, re-evaluating assumptions, and adapting new approaches.

Developer Experience paired with Automation to better enable use of talent and tasks.

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